Liefdevolle aandacht voor uw gezondheidsvragen

Warm attention for your health issues

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Hello and Welcome 

Dr Saira

is a medical professional, trained in the conventional Medical philosophy and embracing new ways of thinking into integrative Medicine such as

Antroposophical Medicine, Bach-flower remedies, Ayurveda, TCM, Nutritional Therapy, Herbal therapy, EFT, NEShealth therapy, HeartMath and Mindfulness

Quantumfysics is giving us new insights in old philosophies around the world.

With this knowledge I advise my clients in matters concerning:

- Individual Health Issues

- Health issues of your employees ( for businesses)

Resulting in:

- Better and quicker recovery,

- more vitality and energy.

- increased stamina,

- happier connections in life

Feel welcome to look around on my pages or follow my blog and find out if you want to visit for a good and respectful conversation about and advice concerning your health and vitality.