Liefdevolle aandacht voor uw gezondheidsvragen

Warm attention for your health issues

Metabolic Syndrome:

If you suffer from Diabetes, high blood pressure and/or overweight,

Pain Management:

Headache, pain with and without obvious cause (back pain, abdominal pain, etc).


Hay fever, gluten/milk, fruit and other allergies;

Skin Conditions:

Eczema, acne, even wrinkles and other skin blemishes can be adressed.

Disorders of the musculoskeletal system:

Arthritis and stiff muscles, fibromyalgia, etc.

General stress, Burnt out or fatigue syndrome:

We cannot ignore it : our current lifestyle forces us to continuous stress.

Learning to pause and pay attention to yourself is a prerequisite to be able to manage our hectic life. Together we are going to look where the real problem lies and how to be in charge again.


After experiencing a (violent ) trauma (private or at work) your joy in life can vanish or become disturbed.

We offer you stunningly simple ways to learn and live with a new drive and enjoy life in a new Way!